August 30th, 2018

Our Botanists have been pouring their botanical expertise into our new cocktail menu, taking inspiration from renowned botanists from across the globe to transform curious ingredients into delicious drinks.

With an increasing focus on plant power,  we’ve created a botanical A-Z using botanics from our new cocktail menu.



Apricot -great source of Vitamin A, fibre and antioxidants

Beetroot - good source of potassium and may help to lower blood pressure

Cardamom - can keep bad breath at bay and also lower blood pressure

Disaronno - (not quite a botanical, but made from Almonds!) Almonds contain lots of healthy fats, fibre, protein, magnesium and vitamin C.

Elderflower - fantastic for treating swollen sinuses

Fresh blueberries - often hailed king of all antioxidant foods, the humble blueberry is high in fibre, vitamins C and K and magnesium. They also protect the cholesterol in your blood.

Ginger - settles upset tummies and also holds anti-inflammatory properties

Honey - when combined with fresh lemon juice, creates a traditional throat-soothing remedy

Juniper - used across the globe to treat snakebites! Its essential oil can be inhaled to help relieve chesty coughs.

Kiwi - these fuzzy little friends are packed with Vitamins C, E and K as well as magnesium.

Lemon - aids digestion and freshens breath

Matcha tea - rich in a class of plant compounds that act as natural antioxidants

Negroni (Birch) - Birch leaves are a source of vitamin C and is used as a holistic remedy for infections bladder

Poppy - can enhance digestion, boost energy and regulate blood pressure

Rosemary - the Romans used to use Rosemary as a natural breath freshener

Sugar snap peas - high in antioxidants which aid in the production of collagen

Thyme - its essential oil is often use as a natural cough remedy

Vanilla - its group of antioxidants can help prevent skin ageing and soothe wrinkles

Wheatgrass - high in antioxidats and amino acids, wheatgrass can help to boost your immune system 

Zests - citrus zests are packed with anti-inflammatory agents, as well as immune-boosing vitamin C. 

We must express that all opinions wtihin this blog are of The Botanist alone, and are not medically certified.



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