a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect
We're a planet of tribes. There's no doubt about it. Our ancestors had tribes for survival. And whilst we're not staying together for safety, we still form tribes to survive this crazy world.


Whatever you call your lot, they're yours. And they make life just that bit better. 

They say a problem shared is a problem halved. Well with them, it's not just halved, it's solved (or occasionally made worse...)

We've brewed a beer meant for sharing. It was brewed to share with our favourite people. And we hope you get to share it with yours. 

So gather your friends and raise a toast your tribe. 


Yes. It's a Totem Pole. But fear not, Totem Poles are not religious but they are revered. In the most part, they tell stories. These may be a myth, a legend, or honour indigenous people through symbols. Our totem is based on the Kwakwaka'wakw tribe. This is a tribe made up of smaller tribes who come together in celebration. A tribe who believe the richest people are those who gives away the most.

Our totem pole is made up of four faces, Thunderbird, Frog, Leopard, Giantess. 

Each face to us represents an important part of the modern tribe. Read more below:


Power and strength. A leader amongst its peers.

The one that somehow manages to get everyone together.  The modern Thunderbird doesn't except an excuse. Need to borrow a tenner? Here's £20. 

The key name in the group. If they're up for a pint, everyone is.


Wisdom, knowledge and adaptability. 

The ability to make sure everything is always sorted. The taxi-booker and the pub-crawl planner. 

Nothing is an issue with your frog. 


They say a leopard never changes its spots. No matter where you go, what you do, your leopard will always be there. 

Confidence is key with this character. No matter of wealth will change this cat. 


The old native American tale tells off a young child bullied for being different, but when the village children were captured by the giantess, the child who was bullied was able to escape through a small hole and alert the village. 

Banter is all well and good, but always look after your friends. 



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