Food Menu - Non Gluten

Each of the dishes on this menu have been created to cater for those who require a non gluten diet. However we cannot guarantee that our dishes are 100% free of gluten due to the risk of cross contamination. This includes items that are cooked in our deep fat fryers, where ingredients that include gluten have also been cooked.
If you'd like to download a PDF copy of our menu, you can do so here.
DF Dairy Free VG Vegan V Vegetarian
If you have an enquiry regarding special dietary requirements please contact us and we'll be happy to help. 

Nibbles & Starters - Non Gluten


DF    Dairy Free  |  VG    Vegan  |  V    Vegetarian


Chicken wings

with hot sauce or salt and pepper

Salt and pepper onion petals

with crème fraîche
£4.25 | V

Edamame beans

with chilli and garlic
£4.25 | DF / VG


Polenta and halloumi chips  

£4.25 | V

Pork crackling

with apple ketchup | DF
£4.25 | DF 


The Botanist Deli Board - Non Gluten


Select four items from any of the categories below, all served with crudités - £11.95 
Add an extra item for £3.25 each.

DF    Dairy Free  |  VG    Vegan  |  V    Vegetarian


Smoky Nocellara olives DF / VG
Buttermilk coleslaw V
Houmous DF / VG
Green salad DF / VG
Roast sweet potato quinoa  DF / VG
Coronation chicken


Smoked mackerel pâté
Prosciutto DF
Salt brisket of beef with gherkin DF


Shorrocks 2 year aged Lancashire
Long Clawson Stilton V
Camembertwith sun-dried tomatoes
Red Storm vintage Red Leicester V


Salads - Non Gluten


DF    Dairy Free  |  VG    Vegan  |  V    Vegetarian

Crispy beef

with sesame and soya beans
£11.50 | DF

Goat's cheese and romesco

with candied walnuts and balsamic
Add chicken for +£2.00


Sweet potato quinoa

with Tenderstem® brocolli, spiced aubergine and tahini
£9.95 | DF / VG


Mains - Non Gluten


DF    Dairy Free  |  VG    Vegan  |  V    Vegetarian

Seabass fillets

with sweet chilli and ginger, served with coconut rice 
£14.95 | DF


with chicken thighs,
king prawn and chorizo
 £12.50 | DF 


Malaysian vegetable curry

served with coconut rice
£9.95 | DF / VG
Add chicken £2.00
Add prawns £3.00 


From the rotisserie - Non Gluten




Half chicken

with barbecue-maple glaze, served with properly seasoned chips




Duck leg

served with gravy and properly seasoned chips 


Our famous hanging kebabs™ - Non Gluten


DF    Dairy Free  |  VG    Vegan  |  V    Vegetarian


with sweet chilli, properly
seasoned chips and garlic butter


Salt and pepper pork belly

with sweet chilli and
properly seasoned chips
£12.95 | DF


From the grill - Non Gluten


DF    Dairy Free  |  VG    Vegan  |  V    Vegetarian

10oz sirloin steak

with properly seasoned chips
and buttermilk coleslaw
Add peppercorn sauce +1.95


10oz rump steak

with garlic, rosemary and
sun-dried tomato salad


Sides - Non Gluten


 DF    Dairy Free  |  VG    Vegan  |  V    Vegetarian

Properly seasoned chips

£3.25 | DF / VG


Tenderstem® broccoli
with almonds

£3.50 | DF / VG


Sweet potato fries

£4.25 | VG


Desserts - Non Gluten


DF    Dairy Free  |  VG    Vegan  |  V    Vegetarian

Ice cream selection

£4.75 | V


Bitter chocolate and mint mousse

with candy floss and honeycomb 

£4.75 | V





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