September 6th, 2019

Here at New World Trading Company we believe in the power of the collective. The brilliance that comes from when a few people put their minds and their beliefs together to really make a difference. What can be achieved when people come together is incredible and something that amazes us every day in our teams.

As a company, we have been partnered with Barnardo’s children’s charity for 3 years. Each year we dedicate September to them through the “Believe with The Botanist” campaign. This is something we do in every venue, where our teams go green for Barnardo’s... raising money, awareness and showing support.

The amount of services that Barnardo’s offer to children and young adults is mind blowing and the predominant reason why we were so keen to get involved in supporting them. Their services cover everything from helping children process exploitation, helping families who need more support, to building support networks. They believe that no child should ever feel alone and that no child should be turned away. In supporting Believe with The Botanist, you are supporting children in your community as well as supporting a national organisation that gives so much to children everywhere. We think that’s pretty special! When choosing our national charity, it was so important to us that we found a charity that dedicated most of the proceeds directly to their cause. That’s exactly what Barnardo’s do! Not only do they offer an incredibly diverse service for children and their families, but 90% of what they are given goes directly into these services. More than this, our partnership is set up so that all money raised in each of our venues gets donated straight to the nearest Barnardo's centre or service. This means that donations made through us go towards making a direct effect in your local community.   We found this so wonderful that this year we decided to extend our campaign by including some of our most popular drinks! This means for every Botanist cocktail you buy, any can of Budvar or for each Secret Gin Perfect Serve you’ll be helping vulnerable children in your area as we will donate 50p of the profit to Barnardo’s!

Last year we raised £39,263.40 for Barnardo’s and over the course of our partnership we’ve raised an unbelievable £87,689.40. This year we have 3 new Botanist venues meaning we can help more people in more areas!  Through the power of togetherness, we really can make a difference, so together let’s change lives!  



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